David, Exactly! It is not about's about judgments, double standards, and confidence. Part of confidence is knowing exactly who you are, what you like/don't like, and being comfortable with it! Everyone has different comfort levels and standards that they place on themselves and the people they choose to partner with, all I ask is that standards and measures are them same across genders. If, like Alex, you place the same standards on yourself as the women you know/meet, who can argue with his personal choice?

Steve July 29, 2011 at 7:20 am Reply I'm not hung up on the numbers thing except of course when it pertains to my current partner/wife. (presumably just one!) As I expect she is only committed to me, she expects that I am only committed to her. Seriously though, Marie, It's hard for me to not consider you promiscuous when your article is embedded with provocative pictures (of you I presume?). My "hang-up" with women is not the number of partners they've had but with the way they feel they have to advertise their sexuality. Tell me, as a woman, how would you perceive me if I left my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped with the apex of the opening pointing directly at my male member? For me, promiscuity (of either sex) is more a matter of perception than of numbers... By the way, this man would refuse to have sex with you...

marrie July 29, 2011 at 9:18 am Reply Steve, As long as you are comfortable with your decision to show yourself unzipped and the forum where you published your picture is appropriate, who am I to judge your character? Nor is a sexy snapshot of someone and their number of sexual partners enough information to form an opinion on how "good" their character is. Sexy does not = promiscuous. Many women enjoy being female and one of the most coveted female traits is being sexy, sensual, desirable. If a woman goes out to dinner with you and is wearing a sexy little black dress and heals, isn't that advertising her sexuality? How about a little string bikini on the beach? The pictures on this site reveal mush less than a bikini. By your standard, if a woman dresses and presents herself too sexual in nature, there is negative assumption of promiscuity. I love being a woman. When I am in a relationship, I am loyal and committed. I am a great mother and partner. All of my sexual experiences have been with consensual adults and I practiced safe sex. I like sex. I like dressing sexy. I think that the pictures on my site are beautiful. If all of these things make me promiscuous (negative connotation) in your eyes than I am Ok with that.

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